Hey Chantal! I’ve been making my loaves with corn starch …

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Hey Chantal! I’ve been making my loaves with corn starch instead of potato starch cause we don’t always have potato starch where I live! It’s just as good and I haven’t noticed a big difference.
I’m excited to try this new recipe thank you so much for sharing it!

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Simple Sorghum Sourdough
Hey Chantal,

I came accross your recipe while looking for a gf vegan sourdough bread. I’ve actually made your zero waste BRF starter, and it’s absolutely amazing. I was hoping to finally use it and make myself a nice loaf of bread, but I don’t have sorghum where I’m from. I was wondering if maybe corn would be a good substitute? Of course, by corn, I mean fine corn flour, not startch. Or maybe quinoa flour?
I also have brown and white rice flour, sweet potato flour, almond flour, millet and dark buckwheat (which I’m not too eager about using).
I’m really new to GF baking and I’m still a little lost. It would be nice to finally have some decent bread. Hope you can help me out!

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