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Why Fresh is Real?

Fresh is Real is the name I chose for my blog because it explains how I feel about fresh produce, healthy eating, and living. When it’s fresh and real, it’s simply amazing and good for you!

Can everyone make your recipes?

Even though my recipes exclude the top allergens, they include so much more.

If you’re looking to add more plant-based ingredients to your recipes, you’ve come to the right place!

What is your food-related experience?

Other than being very passionate about cooking and baking, I am a Culinary Nutrition Expert (Academy of Culinary Nutrition).

With the help of Heather Crosby and her Gluten-Free Baking Academy, I perfected my gluten-free and vegan bread baking skills.

I continuously practice (I’m a little bread obsessed) making loaves that are healthy, plant-based, allergen-friendly and even yeast-free. I can’t wait to share my own creations!

I have a certificate in Fermentation from the ACN. I enjoy experimenting with various ferments such as kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, hot sauce, seed cheese, to crunchy, naturally cultured (pickled) vegetables.

Do you have other professional experience?

I have a professional Diploma in Graphic Design with over 13 years of experience in printing, communications, and marketing along with 10 additional years as a freelancer.

These skills come in handy for all things blog related; content creation, photography, illustration, and design for web or print.

Why an allergen-friendly food blog?

Allergies, food sensitivities and gut issues are on the rise. I want to help inspire as many people as I can with healthy food options that are great for the whole family to enjoy.

Individuals with allergies and food sensitivities, don’t eat out much, there’s often too great of a risk of accidentally coming into contact and ingesting something you might react to.

For that reason, my focus will be to help you prepare simple dishes with healthy ingredients that are free of the top allergens.

Processed foods

My focus will be on what we can eat. If it’s not mentioned in my recipes or my blog, it’s probably best to avoid it, especially if it’s something processed.

Whatever health or personal situation you are going through, processed foods should be completely eliminated. Even if it’s gluten-free, allergen-friendly or sold in the health aisle.

My goal is to help you cook fresh healthy dishes or gorgeous nutritious bread recipes.

Losing weight

You might! Imagine all the good things that will happen to your body as you fuel it with clean, fresh and healthy ingredients.

Keep in mind that if you eat 10 bananas per day, it probably won’t help you shed unwanted pounds.

Consuming a variety of nutrient-dense foods like my Squeezed Veggie Green Juice, each day, should greatly improve your energy levels.

Drink recipes

As the blog grows and more recipes are added, you will be sure to find various types of homemade: tea, infused water, smoothies, fresh pressed juices, milk alternatives (you must try the Strawberry Banana Hemp Milk), kombucha, water kefir, warm comforting beverages, and more.

Coffee and alcohol

My recipes will not contain coffee, wine, liquor, and beer.


No refined white sugar used here. I will use maple syrup, coconut palm sugar, honey, dates and fresh fruits to help sweeten recipes while keeping them as low-glycemic as possible.

Calorie counting and nutritional details

As of now, I don’t plan to list the nutritional details of my recipes. If you’re eating fresh ingredients that provide you with the essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients your body needs to be healthy, I wouldn’t worry too much about calories.

Including phytochemicals (nutrients found in plant foods) in your diet can greatly reduce your risk of certain types of illnesses, like heart disease and cancers.

If you have specific concerns, due to your health conditions, about consuming vegetables and fruits, have a discussion with your professional healthcare provider. Seeing a trusted naturopath, nutritionist, or dietician can also help you determine the right portions for you.

I’m allergic to other foods

If you react to any other types of foods, it will be up to you to make sure that those ingredients are removed from the recipes you create.

Fresh is Real will not be held responsible for any reactions that one might experience while cooking recipes from this website. The cleanliness of your kitchen and the risk of cross-contamination of ingredients is your responsibility.

No Allergies?

If you know that you can tolerate one of the top allergens, by all means, feel free to use that ingredient when cooking. Including certain foods, if you are not allergic or sensitive to it, can be beneficial to your diet.

Please check with a healthcare professional before adding or reintroducing foods into your diet.

More questions?
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