I absolutely love this bread! Thank you so much for …

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Comment on 7-Inch Sourdough Boule (GF/V) by Deli.

I absolutely love this bread! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe 🙂
The only thing I changed was the oats, which I shouldn’t eat. Instead, I used a mixture of ground sunflower and pumpkin seeds, as well as chickpea and carob flour to make the 80g. The bread has a lovely scent and flavor, a perfect texture when I slice it, no crumbs, and the most satisfying mouthfeel!
Next time I will omit the chickpea flour, I wonder if it will work, would you know?
I would also love to make sourdough bread packed with whole nuts and seeds in the dough. Would you have a recipe for this?
Cheers from Portugal,

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7-Inch Sourdough Boule (GF/V)
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