Jist thought I would recount my experiences so far. …

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Jist thought I would recount my experiences so far. After the debacle of not weighing psyllium hsk powder and ending up with bits of jelly, the next bake was a success. I made to separate loaves one withe buckwheat and one with sorghum, both worked equally well with a slightly nuttier taste to the sorghum loaf.
After a few weeks of success I was heating up the oven last friday (bread day) and it wouldn’t.
New oven ordered, credit card hit, and not available for three weeks. This did give me the opportunity to tryout baking bread in the air fryer. It worked well. Firstly preheat(Ninja AF300 takes 3 mins) . Loaf from banneton onto paper as per normal but use a skewer to pierce a few holes. Then squeeze it into the the draw which took some re shaping. Ice cubes down the side of the paper. Be careful that paper does not reach the top of the pan as it may burn! Air fry at 200Celsius (about 400F) for 30mins, it will be brown on top and pappy underneath. Turn over and repeat. If not quite done by feel another 10mins at 150C (300F) should do the trick. I hope this gives you a place to start if you want to try air frying this recipe. BTW it tastes just as good with a nice crumb.

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7-Inch Sourdough Boule (GF/V)
Hi. Tried the recipe at the weekend. It didn’t quite work (my fault). It might be worth adding a little note for idiots like me to use weight when substiting ground psyllium husk. I am of course the idiot who put in four tablespoons not 20g!!!

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