Hello, I love your recipes, thank you! Im just curious, after …

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Comment on Buckwheat Hemp Bread (GF/V) by Lisa Guia.

I love your recipes, thank you!
Im just curious, after it doubles in the bowl then I put it into a loaf pan. Do i have to wait for a second rise or can I just bake straight away. Would it be possible to just proof it in the loaf pan?
thanks so much, I plan on making your sourdoughs next!!

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Simple Sorghum Sourdough
I’ve made this bread so many times and it is my favourite. Have you ever bakes it in a tin? Would I give it the
same oven settings?
Thank you so much for your recipes ❤

Cherry Apple Galette
Hello! I was wondering if I could use this pastry for a savory pie with a bottom and a top?

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