Creative Workshop for Kids

Creative Workshop for Kids - Ottawa, Ontario - #freshisreal #plantbasedkids

The Creative Workshop for Kids combines art, fresh vegetables, delicious fruits, with a smoothie demonstration, and samples to enjoy!

Workshop Highlights

The kids get to keep a bookmark with information about portions, examples of colourful produce, and a bonus recipe. The teacher (or parent) gets copies of a large poster with samples of vegetables and fruits in each of the colours discussed: dark green, light green, yellow, orange, red and purple.

The children are encouraged to participate in a 10-Day Challenge for a chance to Win a Fresh is Real T-shirt.

Two kids helping to make a vegetable and fruit smoothie #freshisreal #plantbasedkids

For teachers and parents

Professionally designed printables are available. For example instructions, letter to the parents, shopping list, supply and equipment list, worksheets, smoothie guide, ballot, feedback form, creative art details, and much more.

Kids were so concentrated while participating in this exercise of writing down the name of 3 vegetables and 3 fruits in 6 different colours while tasting. #freshisreal #plantbasedkids

This Creative Workshop for Kids is perfect for:

  • Parents trying to add more fresh produce to their kids’ meals and snacks.
  • Teachers searching for new methods to educate children about vegetables and fruits.
  • Summer camps looking to incorporate healthier and safe alternatives for all to enjoy.
  • Local produce stores looking to promote their products while educating kids.

Targeted age range: 5-11
Duration: Full Workshop 1-2 hours

Amazing art created by this lovely 7 year old in a grade 2 class in Ottawa, Ontario. Background colours from spinach leafs, beets, turmeric roots, blueberries, and the final touches were added by marker. #freshisreal #plantbasedkids


Interested in the Creative Workshop for Kids, please send me your questions by email. (email: info [@]

Thank you for your interest in the workshop!