Hi Chantal… we’re late to the ‘learn how to bake …

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Comment on Easiest GF Sourdough Starter by Ellen.

Hi Chantal… we’re late to the ‘learn how to bake bread in quarantine’ party… but just found your instructions and are excited to try it! Quick question… it is important to NOT use metal utensils when mixing and discarding from your starter? You mention using a chopstick, wooden spoon and spatula, so I was just curious if metal would react badly or ruin the starter? And if so, does that preclude me from baking in a stainless steel (All-Clad) dutch oven when I am ready to bake? Would and enamel dutch oven be best? Thank you!

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Easiest GF Sourdough Starter
Thank you so much Chantal! I will avoid metal utensils and I will try it in the stainless dutch oven, since that is what I have. If I get good at this, I will invest in an enamel dutch oven. Fingers crossed…. Thanks again!!!

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