HI Chantal, Thank you for this very easy recipe. …

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Comment on Easiest GF Sourdough Starter by Michelle Eisenberg.

HI Chantal, Thank you for this very easy recipe. It is so well written and very easy to follow. This is my very first starter it did well for about a week and now does not seem to be progressing much. It may have something to do with the fact that the temperature (which was very hot) has cooled off and perhaps it does not like it very much in comparison. We are on about Day 12 and the portion removed on Day 7 that was transferred to a bowl seems to be doing well.

I appreciate so much the help that you have given. I also appreciate that in these difficult financial times we are not feeding huge quantities and discarding big quantities of flour and discard.

I hop when everything is ready I can try some of your recipes and also find something to make with the portion that i discarded..

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