Oops just saw the previous comment.. got my reply.. Thanks.. …

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Oops just saw the previous comment.. got my reply.. Thanks..

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Easiest GF Sourdough Starter
Can I use Sorghum flour instead of brown rice ?

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Simple Sorghum Sourdough
Hey Chantal !
Firstly thanks a zillion for giving us a dedicated space for gluten-free sourdoughs..
I have been stalking you since last few days on insta, fb, YouTube & here as well.. A newly detected celiac from India and want to try my hands on sourdough gf breads..Have been Etah if your videos, reading your notes and tips n tricks and guidelines..
My sourdough starter is on Day 4 and I am already so excited to try this bread..
I don’t have Dutch oven but I have a very small otg.. can I bake this Bread in a loaf tin pan ? If yes then what temp and for how long.. thank you so much in advance.. God bless you !

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