Hi Chantal, thanks for your answer. Yes, I put some maple …

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Hi Chantal, thanks for your answer.
Yes, I put some maple syrup in my starter at the begunning and right now it is also a little hot in my kitcken. To be honest I cant exactly discripe how my starter smell, its a kind of fermented smell but not really pleasant and also not super terrible.
Like I write in my last comment my starter grow a lot even that much that it float over tonight, but when I stir and feed it this mornig it collabse a lot. Is that normal? Now it is a few hours later and it rise a lot again. If I stirred it I cant hear any bubbles pop and it even didnt look active anymore. It also didnt form some liquid on top and I didnt discard anything from my starter till now.
Im stll quite a bit insecure.

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Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter
Hi Chantal, thanks for your answer.
Yes I did add some maple syrup at the beginning and right now it is also really warm in my kitchen. To be honest Im not sure how exactly my starter smell right now, it is a bit of a fermented smell but in a not so pleasant way although it is not a terrible smell. Like I said in my last comment the starter grow a lot and in the night it also slopped over my jar but when I stir and feed it this morning it collapse a lot and is now small again. Is that normal? I also cant hear any bubbles pop while stiring. I try send you a pictue on Instergram today.

Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter
Hi Chantal, its my first time making my own sourdough.
Today is the second day and till now I feed my starter four time in total and I didnt discard anything.
In your Instructions you wrote that it takes up to seven day until the starter is ready to use but my starter is already now super bubbely und fluffy und double from totays mornig till todays evening almoast in size. Like I said earlier it is only the second day, what should I do? Is it ready to use yet?
Im a bit unsure and dont know what to do, can you please help me !

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