Hi Chantal, I have a question. I’m attempting to make …

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Hi Chantal,
I have a question. I’m attempting to make your sourgum sourdough starter for the second time. After pouring out the hooch, does it make a difference if I stir the starter before feeding it?
Thank you.

Rabia Also Commented

Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter
Hi Chantal, Thank you for getting back to me, I hope you enjoyed the Christmas holidays and have a Happy New Year! I should have mentioned that I didn’t add any maple syrup or grapes to my starter and it was quite cold in the kitchen so nothing was really happening . Maybe I should have persevered and carried on feeding it. I wasn’t sure if I could add the maple syrup on the 7 th day so I started again anyway this time added the maple syrup and result! My sourdough starter was ready to use after 7 days. I have now baked two sorghum sourdough bread now and it just keeps getting better, a grain free loaf with banana flour and tigernut flour. I can’t wait to try the dinner rolls now. Thank you so much for your recipes. Thank you again.

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Gluten-Free BBQ Sourdough
Hi Chantal, I baked my buckwheat sourdough bread on the bbq. It tasted so good. The crusts taste amazing! I’m going to try your crackers and brownies next, hopefully.
Thank you so much for your detailed recipes.

Gluten-Free BBQ Sourdough
Hi Chantal,
Would I be able to bake the sorghum loaf and the buckwheat loaf on the bbq?


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