Hi Julie! You can try with green banana flour, it …

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Hi Julie! You can try with green banana flour, it can work but it’s much trickier to achieve and maintain long term but it’s possible. Consider this inside, I find that others have had better success with combining a few grain-free flours together to create their first starter. You could try with a common of any of the following: green banana flour, buckwheat flour (if you consume it on your grain-free diet), almond flour, cassava flour and even coconut flour. You can start with just green banana flour if you wish but after a few days, you don’t see much happening add a little bit of another grain-free flour. After a few days if it’s not doing much consider adding a third. If it works well for you with just green banana flour then keep going with just that one flour. Make sure to use good clean quality water, spring water or filtered water usually works best. Have fun and good luck!

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Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter
Hi! A GF flour blend will work, but using one without xanthan gum or other gums to make a GF sourdough starter is probably best. Try a smaller portion starter with the flour you have. That way, you don’t waste any 😉 Recipe: https://www.freshisreal.com/easiest-gf-sourdough-starter/

Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter
A few things you could try is to use warm water (90-90°F) when you’re feeding your starter. When you’re in the kitchen cooking, place the starter near the warmth. Also, if you have a microwave and after you warm up foods and the inside is still warm, move your starter there to keep it cozy.

Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter
Hi Jimmy! You actually don’t need grape juice or fresh citrus juice. It will work without them. Alternatives are placing a piece of fruit in the starter (organic apple or pineapple). If you try with fruit, remove it after 24/48 hours. Also, adding a tiny bit of pure maple syrup works well too. I did not try apple cider vinegar, but it could help boost the activity if you want to try it. Consider placing two small jars side by side and experiment with a smaller portion, like in my experiment. https://youtu.be/QuHSndIBMQI It’s fun, and you’ll see what works better with your ingredients and environment.

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7-Inch Sourdough Boule (GF/V)
Hi Ziv! Have you played around with testing making bread with the ingredients that are safe for you? Let me know what you’ve tried and I will do my best to help you. I just found your message today. Sorry for the late reply.

7-Inch Sourdough Boule (GF/V)
Hi Kaitlyn! Can he consume yeast, sorghum or millet flour and starches (tapioca and potato starch)?

Buckwheat Hemp Bread (GF/V)
Hi John! You can mix the sugar with the psyllium mixture if you want. What kind of yeast did you use?

Basic Yeasted Dough Gluten-Free Vegan
If the recipe says warm water 100-110°F water is great!

Yeast-Free Buckwheat Blender Bread
Yay! I’m so happy you tried this recipe, Joanna and that you liked it! Thank you for your feedback and rating!

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