Hi, I think due to the sourness of rhubarb one …

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Comment on How To Make Healthy Rhubarb Quick Bread (GF/V) by Denise.

Hi, I think due to the sourness of rhubarb one only needs to use a little soda to get a rise. I’m looking to avoid extra chemicals in my food that aren’t necessary.

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Hi Chantal, I appreciate you sharing this recipe. God has blessed you with talent at a young age! In regard to the comment/question by reader Louise, I saw the same thing when I clicked on the buttons to the right of the recipe where it has 1X 2X and 3X . What happens is that the amount of water changes quantity, but nothing else seems to change. I had thought it would give multiple loaf recipe ingredients in proportional quantities, but the feature may be ‘broken’. Anyway, that is where Louise got the strange amount and why her recipe didn’t turn out well. I have not made this yet, but plan to get a starter going soon.

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