I’m on day 6. A little frothy but not really …

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I’m on day 6. A little frothy but not really bubbles and no growth at all. Any suggestions? Also what do you store your bread in once made?

Andrea Also Commented

My Story: Life & Health
Found you looking for a gluten free sour dough starter. I have failed at others. You seem more relaxed about the process than others I’ve seen. I need relaxed!!!! Look forward to trying yours. I have gluten intolerance and the celiac gene. Tests not conclusive. But I certainly know when I get glutened. Was diagnosed about 10 hrs ago in my 50s. I love to cook and miss decent bread. My good friend who is celiac has started baking sourdough so I wanted to give it a go.
Looking forward to reading your blog and trying more plant based recipes.

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