Thank you for these great recipes Chantal! I just started …

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Thank you for these great recipes Chantal! I just started playing with GF sourdough this year and I love it. I’ve made your buckwheat loaf several times and it’s the best. I just made the cinnamon rolls last night and I was so happy because it’s hard to find GF recipes without gums and all that. I actually subbed buckwheat for sorghum and oat for millet (I read those are goitrogens and as I have a thyroid problem too, Grave’s, I’m careful with those), used almond milk instead of hemp (apparently almond is too but I had it on hand) and I found it worked really well and they were still nice and chewy the next day. So a big thank you from your neighbour to the east, I’m just in Montreal 🙂 I’ll be baking more of your goodies soon!

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Gluten-Free Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls
Amazing cinnamon buns! Thank you for letting me eat cinnamon buns again! 🙂

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