Hi Chantal, I am already a mimber of you facebook …

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Comment on My Story: Life & Health by Lisa Rennison.

Hi Chantal, I am already a mimber of you facebook group but have just found your story and wanted to write something. Firstly, I have to tell you that you are an inspiration and I applaud you for telling your story.
Like you I had niggles as a child and in my teenage years I would occasionally spend 24hrs throwing up. We never found out what caused those episodes. My adult problems are allergies and intolerances; enough to make me start eating meat after 27 years as a vegetarian. Can’t say I really like it much! Last summer I suddenly developed stomach pain that was different to anything I had experienced before and it was constant. My doctor was totally unhelpful and made me feel like I was wasting her time. It took another 7 weeks before I rang back and spoke to another doctor who has been great. I went GF as a tester and have not gone back. On boxing day I had a mild case of anaphalaxis with lactose free cheese and since then I have identified so many food allergies that my count is now 37. With the removal of so many foods I have found myself eating too many carbs and completely obsessing with food. I can’t eat eggs, dairy (too scared to try), soya, wheat and a whole selection of fruit and veg. This is why I have found your website so helpful and even though I am struggling with my GF bread making, your recipes are much more filling than the packet mixes. Thank you for putting all of the work in and helping so many people.

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