I made this using your method, which I love for …

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Comment on Simple Sorghum Sourdough by Erica.

I made this using your method, which I love for its simplicity but made so many alterations that I can hardly call it the same!
I used millet starter, had to add 45g of dark Teff as I ran out of buckwheat. I used light brown sugar and almond flour instead of seed flour. Then I substituted Kombucha vinegar for the fermented beer juice!
I let the dough rise less than 5 hours in the airing cupboard and baked it in a loaf tin. With a small metal pot with boiling water for steam. I only covered it with foil part of the way through to avoid over browning.
I’m very happy with the result. An easy to slice loaf that looks tastes and feels like bread!

Erica Also Commented

Simple Sorghum Sourdough
Using Simple Sorghum Sourdough recipe as a guide. This time I’d run out of sorghum so it’s millet and buckwheat with a millet starter.

I do a simpler method. I mix the ingredients on Day 2 as per the recipe but I then spoon the dough into the tin. Slightly smooth the top, and put it to rise covered with a plastic shower cap. Then bake.

I like baking this bread in a tin. It had 25 mins at 220deg with a pot of hot water for steam and 25 mins at 200.
I did cover it loosely with foil during the second part of the bake after the bread had risen.

Very happy with the rise in the tin after 6 hours in a warm place and further rise in the oven.

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