I also forgot to add that I took some of …

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Comment on Simple Sorghum Sourdough by Samantha Hunt.

I also forgot to add that I took some of the extra off my starters and made a new one. This one i made today and I added sorghum flour instead of brown rice flour. How long does it usually take for that to be ready to use?

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Simple Sorghum Sourdough
Hi Chantal,
I recently discovered that I am allergic to a lot of different things, including bakers and brewers yeast, coconut, squashes (including pumpkin), almond, egg, and dairy. I already knew I was allergic to wheat. I have been working on making starter for your bread. I didn’t have sorghum flour yet so I started an Oat flour and a brown rice flour starter. The oat one looked weird at first, but today was day seven and it was lively like you described. The brown rice flour still had water on the top. When I used the oat flour starter I noticed it was runny, not semi solid like yours. I tried feeding it afterwords with a little more flour to water ratio. Is there anything else you would suggest trying?
I bought sorghum flour today so I was able to use the cup in the recipe. However, I did have to change the psyllium husk to xanthum gum, tapioca starch instead of arrowroot. and maple syrup instead of coconut sugar. The dough turned out to be a little stickier than yours. It is right now rising. My house is cold so I turned the stove on as low as it would go and set the bread over the vent. We will see what it looks like.

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