Hello! I am so happy I stumbled onto your site. …

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Comment on Simple Sorghum Sourdough by AmyB.

Hello! I am so happy I stumbled onto your site. I have a brown rice starter given to me that I just began feeding.I have a small bit of brown rice to manage feeding for a little while. I personally don’t use brown rice in nearly anything but I buy sorghum in bulk. Can I feed my brown rice starter sorghum instead or start completely fresh? Are there any benefits to having brown rice starter or sorghum starter over the other? Is only having one of those enough? Can you feed your starter interchangeably brown rice or sorghum? Thank you for sharing your expertise! My son and I cannot eat gluten and I miss it. I buy him store bought stuff but I’m allergic to potato and that is in a lot of GF products and some of the other kinds are gummy and yucky so I go without. I am excited to taste sourdough once again!

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