Hi Chantal, would potato flour be the same as potato …

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Comment on Soft Gluten-Free Dinner Rolls by Jenn Swanson.

Hi Chantal, would potato flour be the same as potato starch? I found Bob’s Red Mill at the local store and wondered if I could use it or should I go get potato starch? (I know tapioca is sometimes starch and sometimes flour). I want to try this recipe but am still missing nut/seed flour (would coconut flour work? I have that) and am going to pick up some psyllium husk today as I didn’t like the ground flax taste I subbed in the cinnamon buns we tried on the weekend. Thank you! Looking forward to making these as hamburger buns as we so far have not found anything store bought that is any good. 🙂

Jenn Swanson Also Commented

Soft Gluten-Free Dinner Rolls
Thanks Chantal. I went and bought potato starch today and psyllium and will use coconut flour as I’m allergic to nuts/peanuts…but knowing I can also use oat flour is good too. I’m going to try these VERY soon, thank you again!

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