Thank you – thank you – thank you! 😊 I …

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Comment on Wild Yeast Bread (GF/V) by Ruth Friend.

Thank you – thank you – thank you! 😊
I have been making sourdough with a variety of wheat flours for some time but, about 9 months ago, her doctor suggested to one of my daughters that she go wheat-free to try and sort out her IBS symptoms. She felt so much better that she has therefore stuck with it, despite having to give up certain things that she loves. One of these was sourdough bread. While I was able to make her a pretty good bread using normal yeast, I struggled to find a sourdough recipe that was wheat-free and didn’t end up looking more like a brick than bread! About 2 months ago I found your Facebook page and, from that, this recipe. I have now made it several times using a variety of the substitutions you suggest and it has worked really well every time. The video was particularly useful, showing me exactly what I needed to do and what I should expect my dough and bread to look like.
Thank you so much for sharing it-both my daughter and I are really pleased with the results.
I do have one query…. is there a flour, or perhaps a mixture of flours, that can be used in place of the sorghum flour in this recipe? With lockdown still in force here in Wales, I have not been able to source any sorghum flour and only have enough left for 2 more loaves.

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Wild Yeast Bread (GF/V)
Hello Chantal,
Just to say that, after a break of several months, I’ve just made your wild yeast loaf again and it’s proving in my airing cupboard as my kitchen is not very warm (my house backs onto a hill – so the kitchen is lovely and cool in the summer months but is also rather cold the rest of the year).
Although I have baked wheat & rye sourdough breads every week, I haven’t made a sourdough GF loaf since before Christmas. My GF starter had been at the back of the fridge for quite a while and I wasn’t sure if it would revive after all that time but, with a little coaxing and regular feeding over the past few days, it seems to have perked up again. I did re-pot it before I started feeding it again as the sides of the jar looked a little icky and I also only used the bottom part of the starter as the top of the starter was a little discoloured and dry looking. Keeping fingers crossed now that it rises and bakes as well as the ones I made in 2020!
My query is this. I know that you can dry wheat and rye starters (as a safety net in case of sourdough starter disaster or to give away if you can’t give the gooey version) but can do you know if you can do the same with GF starters? I thought I might give it a go – to have ‘belt and braces’ just in case!
Thank you again for this recipe – it’s definitely the best I’ve found for GF sourdough baking.

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