Hi Chantal, I’ve been baking your ‘Wild Yeast’ bread for the …

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Comment on Wild Yeast Bread (GF/V) by Stan.

Hi Chantal,

I’ve been baking your ‘Wild Yeast’ bread for the last several weeks now, and loving it! My only question is about the moistness/stickiness of the crumb. After cooling it has this sticky texture, which I don’t mind as 30 seconds in the toaster takes care of that, but any suggestions as to what to start adjusting to try to overcome that. I’ve been playing with the amount of water, but only manage to change the density of the loaf – the sticky texture stays the same. I am using the exact ingredients as the recipe, no substitutions, other than I grind my own Buckwheat and Rice flours.

I’ve been a confirmed celiac for 15+ years, and these recipes certainly help with the craving for a ‘good’ bread. Thanks for all the work and effort you put into developing your recipes!

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