Hi Chantal. I’m a bit confused with the instruction starter. …

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Hi Chantal. I’m a bit confused with the instruction starter. How much started should i take from the fridge. I didnt see clear where you explain it. I hope can answer soon. I took out 150 grm of starter from the fridge and fed 1/4 cup of brown rice flour with water. Hope its corrext. Thank you.

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Wild Yeast Bread (GF/V)
Hi Chantal.. Thank you for ur reply. I got it. I need help Chantal.. So my starter after I fed for the 2nd time it grew but then after 3 hours I weight and its only 466 gram. As u said it needs to reach 2 cups. What should I do now?. Should I feed it again or I can just continue making the dough? . Writing this I’m looking at my starter and hoping to call you directly 😭😭.. Waiting for u.. Thank you Chantal

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Hi Chantal… Thanks for ur recipe for the starter.. Im on 6th day but honestly i just still dont know how to figure out how does it look really like on the 6th day. Mine is smelling good,before i fed it in the morning i saw light bubbles small and its like creating littke boiling bubble. (Sorry dont know how to discribe it 😢). Is this situation good or not?. Does the quantity should be more a lot or not each day?. Mine is like gaining only 1cm less after a moved it to a large pot on the 4th day bcos it was growing like volacno 😂. Please Chantal I need hell..i cudnt sleep bcos of this… Too worry 😂😂.. Thank before.. Stay healthy.. Kissess..

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