Hi Sonia! I did test the recipe with buckwheat flour, …

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Hi Sonia! I did test the recipe with buckwheat flour, but the results weren’t as great but comparable. I’ve been looking for my notes as I tested this variation before the holidays. The idea would be to use 175g of light buckwheat flour to replace the 175g of buckwheat groats with enough water to moisten the mixture. You’ll need at least one cup of water, possibly a bit more. I would still use a blender to help blend/purée all the ingredients into a smooth batter-like dough. If you try it before I find my notes or try it again, please share your results with us. I just posted a similar recipe for a 5-ingredient banana bread: https://www.freshisreal.com/healthy-5-ingredient-banana-bread-gf-v
Thank you for your feedback about my recipe creations!😊 I appreciate it very much!

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Yeast-Free Buckwheat Blender Bread
Hi! I had to look it up, but Kasha seems to be roasted buckwheat groats, so it should technically work. Did you try it?

Yeast-Free Buckwheat Blender Bread
Hi! I will have to experiment some more with other flours. I tested it once with sorghum flour, but the results were not the same. I did try the recipe with freshly milled buckwheat flour instead of buckwheat groats, and it was comparable. The water quantity is not the same when using flour, as you don’t need to soak the flour as you do with the groats. I will share those details with you if you are interested and maybe add them to the post after I test it again.

Yeast-Free Buckwheat Blender Bread
Hi Amanda! I don’t see why it couldn’t work. Pears contain as much pectin/fibre as apples do. If you try it, please let me know how it turns out.

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Traci! Thank you for sharing your modifications! I’m happy you tried this quick recipe! I’ve added the quinoa flour to the notes for other bakers to see. Again, thank you!

Incredible Irish Soda Bread (GF/V)
Lily! Thank you so much for sharing your swaps! I’m so happy you tried this new recipe! I love that it’s so quick and easy to make too!

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Gina! Wow! What a lovely comment to receive! I’m thrilled that you tried the bread recipe and like it! I love it very much too! Ps. this bread bakes nicely in the oven too!

Sorghum Sourdough Starter
Hi Janelle! Did your starter show signs of bubbliness or growth during those 7 days? How does it smell? Did you decide to bake with some? Ideally, you want your starter to be nice and active before using some in a bread recipe. If you still feel like your starter is not behaving like it should, consider removing half of what is in your jar. Then feed it a generous portion of flour with just enough water to stir. If you have organic apples, pineapple or grapes, place a piece of fruit or a few grapes into the starter for 12-24 hours and watch it transform into happy yeast. Remove the fruit after that time. You might have to feed it again to create more starter before you use some in a recipe.

Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter
Hi! A GF flour blend will work, but using one without xanthan gum or other gums to make a GF sourdough starter is probably best. Try a smaller portion starter with the flour you have. That way, you don’t waste any 😉 Recipe: https://www.freshisreal.com/easiest-gf-sourdough-starter/

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