Hi 😊. Thanks for the idea. I made it before …

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Hi 😊. Thanks for the idea. I made it before I read your answer and it was kind of flat or maybe sinked in some parts,but my husband loved the flavor.
I made some changes though Because I have Hashimoto and for a while I cannot have rice in my diet. So I replace the rice flour with almond flour and because I didn’t have sorghum flour I used oat pulp that I saved everyday when I made the oat milk. (Maybe that was the reason why the outside of the bread was very crunchy, but the inside was kind of i
Smoochy. )
Oven was at 350 but it took like 2 hours for the bread to be cooked. 😳. Next time I will buy the sorghum flour and I have to figure it out what to put at the end of the pan instead of the tin foil (I can’t use aluminum due to my health problem )🙄 or even better I will buy the right size pan 😉. Thanks a lot for your answers.

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Yeast-Free Gluten-Free Vegan Bread
Thanks for the recipe 😊. I have a question. If I don’t have 2 pans of 5×2 but just 1 of 9×5 how long and at what temperatures does the oven has to be ? Tanks

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