I made this recipe as a single loaf twice now. …

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I made this recipe as a single loaf twice now. The crust on both was extremely hard. The first attempt did not rise but a minimal amount after two hours and came out of the oven smaller than it went in. The crumb was very tight/dense though it was moist and not crumbly. The flavor was bland. The second one rose beautifully during proofing fell upon moving to the loaf pan and did not rise further during the bake. I think it was over proofed. The crust was again very hard. The crumb was moist but again very dense. Neither loaf was sandwich bread size. They were each baked in a 9X5 loaf pan. Neither rose above half way up the pan. I am looking for your experience on making this recipe. The pictures appear to show the larger single loaf as having risen above the side of the loaf pan. Is the crust suppose to be this tough? I am going to try this loaf once more and watch the proofing more closely so as not to over proof in hopes of getting a less dense softer loaf. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you for sharing your gluten free baking recipes!

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Basic Yeasted Dough Gluten-Free Vegan
I will try a smaller non-glass pan and get back to you. Thank you!

Basic Yeasted Dough Gluten-Free Vegan
Thank you so much for your quick response. I substituted 1/2 cup teff and 1/2 cup sorghum flours for the 1 cup millet. I used honey instead of coconut palm sugar and dissolved the honey in 1 cup of warm water along with the active dry yeast which was just bought and kept in the refrigerator. I did use parchment paper in a glass bread pan. My oven was preheated for an hour and the oven thermometer read 450 degrees when I put the loaf in and cooked it for 50 minutes. I will bake this recipe again using smaller loaf pans this week and let you know how it turns out. I appreciate your assistance very much!

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