Hello, first off thank you so much for your bread …

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Hello, first off thank you so much for your bread recipes. I’ve been researching for years now and experimenting with allergy friendly concoctions to mimic our favorite foods that we can’t eat anymore and I’m shocked that I’ve never crossed your path before! I automatically liked and subscribed!! My question is can I use your sourdough starter in this recipe and if so then how much? I just discovered you and am currently starting my first sourdough starter with sorghum flour. Thank you again and please continue to do you!❤👌

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Basic Yeasted Dough Gluten-Free Vegan
Thanks for such a quick reply. I’m currently now doing this recipe with regular yeast and when my sourdough starter is ready in a week I’ll do it again using it. I’ll surely let you know. Thank you so much again!!

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