Hi Chantal! Thank you very much for this recipe I’m …

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Hi Chantal! Thank you very much for this recipe I’m working on it right now but It’s in the 2nd day and it still like pancake structure, I’m using millet flour it’s the only flour I could have in hand, beside it’s winter here the temp is 5°c so what can I do to help warm it and make it success?

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Buckwheat Sourdough Loaf Gluten-Free Vegan
This is Awesome! 😍 I made this loaf today and it was amazing (my first sourdough loaf 🍞💙). I couldn’t get all the ingredients so I changed some of them. I used millet flour (the same flour that I made my starter from), white rice flour, cornstarch, sunflower seed flower, and oat flour (all weighed in grams). The dough was a bit thicker and I let it set in a soup bowl covered with tea towel for about 4 hours to ferment (it’s winter in my country) and then baked it as the recipe says. The loaf turned out great with a crispy crust and a delicious sour flavour (although a bit sticky but that was fine for me) thank you very much for this amazing recipe I really can’t wait to finish this loaf to make another one. 😍🙏

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