Hi Chantal, This is such a fun project in these …

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Comment on Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter by Laura.

Hi Chantal,
This is such a fun project in these weird times, love your recipes and videos. Really hope that this makes a nice moist sourdough GF bread which we don’t often get to try as celiacs 🙂
I have a few questions… I am on day three and using organic brown rice flour, I used 1tbs maple syrup as well. My starter has been happy since the second morning and bubbling slightly. However in the evening of day 2 there were a lot of nice bubbles, my 1L jar 3/4 full, however some liquid (or I guess hooch) stuck in the middle of the jar as if there was a separation between nice bubbles, hooch. I mixed and fed again for the evening to wait and see what happened. It smelt/smells sour and fermented, but not unpleasant. This morning, day 3, the 1L jar was almost full, similar smell and same separation, but with more liquid. I read with a normal gluten sourdough starter to dump out the liquid by pouring it out, take some scoops out a refeed. This is what I have done so far. Do you have any other suggestions?

also, in order to not waste the discard since it was already bubbly, I put about 1/4 cup in a separate jar and fed it equal parts water and brown rice flour. Can I make a second started using the discard and do you think the measurements will be okay if it looks like pancake batter to begin? Thanks so much for your answer.

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Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter
Hi Chantal. I used your starter recipe back in April and am in love with it. Perfect buckwheat sourdough every week. The starter took me 9 days and lots of patience but it got there. I have had no issue since with the starter and after I pull it out of the fridge and feed weekly (for almost 20 weeks now) it’s almost doubled in size. All of a sudden today the starter is rising only a small bit when I feed it…. is it dying? could it be that the weather is cooling down? I wonder mostly if I am safe to use it and will I get a good loaf using it? I’m going to make one regardless and see but wondered if you had any tips when the starter doesn’t rise nearly as much as it used to. Thanks!!

Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter
Hey Chantal,
Thanks so much for the tips. The starter smells slightly yeasty and not at all sour today, I wouldn’t say sweet, but it is pleasant. I gave it about 1/2C and a tbs last night and left it for 12 hours, so just on instinct followed your tips, but no change this morning. I have it in a very warm cupboard similar heat to the oven with the light on so I don’t think heat is the issue. Based on my first comment, I did dump out some of the liquid that was in the middle of the started in the first couple days when it was nice and bubbly (day 2/3) I wonder if maybe I removed some of the important bacteria in doing so?
Should I reduce the started more before the next feeding? Any other suggestions? I also wanted to confirm it needs to be bubbly and growing before I add it to a recipe, right? I guess the bread recipe also won’t rise if the started isn’t.

Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter
Hi Chantal, thanks so much for the reply!

Oats, sounds like a great idea, and once I have this one nailed down, I will surely give it a try.
Another question for you in the meantime. On day 5 in the morning my starters had fallen flat :(. I know in your recipe this is a possibility, so I fed them 3 times (one extra feeding as suggested) throughout the 5th day. Sadly, morning of the 6th day, they are still flat. Is it possible I haven’t discarded enough and they need more food than the half cup. They seem slightly bubbly on top and a bit foamy is how I would describe. Any suggestion would be great as I am dying to get these to the point of baking some bread 🙂 Thanks and Happy Easter!

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