I made this bread exactly according to your instructions with …

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I made this bread exactly according to your instructions with the same ingredients, except I let the dough rise in my bread pan. The bread turned out wonderfully! Thanks so much!
My Oster bread machine ,a basic one, had only 1 hr option for the baking cycle. At the end of the hour, I added another hour, but baked only for 20min. It was just perfect. It was soft in the middle, not gummy, and outside crust was nice & crispy. It turned out really well. Thanks so much for your time & effort on coming up with this recipe!
Chintha (Dona).

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Simple Sorghum Sourdough
Hi Chantel, how sweet of you to respond to me so quickly. Thank you!
I baked it 25 min covered & 25min uncovered, but it looked dark enough, & the crust was hard enough all around, so I skipped the additional 8-10min baking on the rack.
I was able to cut it in 2 hours because it was cool enough. It was not gummy, I love the taste, just enough sourness. It’s a little dense not light; that’s to be expected? I’m ok with it.
This is the first sourdough bread I’ve ever made, and also the very first time I used my brand new oven. ( I had a fully kitchen renovation recently).
I learned two things with this wonderful experience. When I was making the Starter for this, I didn’t have enough sorghum left, but I don’t want to waste time, so I started anyways, but later, I couldn’t find sorghum anywhere in the stores; all the stores pulled them off the shelves; there must’ve been a recall here in the Bay Area where I live. ( in Nothern California. So I had to use brown rice flour to finish feeding the starter. It could be another reason why the bread was darker. However it was done after the second 25min. The other lesson I learned was that I later found out my oven had both conventional oven and regular oven settings 🙄. So now I know better.
Thank you so much for guiding us with this great baking experience. It’s sooooo good; I cannot wait to have a Vegan sandwich with it. Your recipes will help me so much with my autoimmune issue. It was too expensive for me to keep buying GF vegan breads, and finding GF vegan sourdough breads is impossible. I cannot thank you enough 🙏

Simple Sorghum Sourdough
HI Chantel,
My bread is in the oven. looks beautiflul. My concern is whether the temperature for a conventional oven is the same 450F. Mine looks a little darker than yours after the first baking with the lid on.

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