Hello Chantal, I was so very happy to find this buckwheat, …

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Comment on How to Make Grain-Free Bread by Madeleine.

Hello Chantal,
I was so very happy to find this buckwheat, yeast free recipe! Previous i tried many store bought gluten free breads and none did agree with me. Then i tried many different recipes, but for some reason or the other those did not work out either! Buckwheat was recommended to me for hot cereal in the mornings and that works out just great. I made this bread only once and baked it in a covered casserole dish, because my Dutch oven is too large for this recipe, and it came out great. So far I am not having any negative reactions from it either. I made the mistake of adding the baking powder in it before I put it in the fridge. It still came out. If you have time, can you explain what the reason is for putting the baking powder in it the next morning?
To come back to the bread, this bread reminds me very much of the Dutch “Roggebrood”.A little less dark and less sweet. Roggebrood is made with rye flour and it is a much more complicated recipe. I never even tried to make it! I don’t know if there any Dutch people on this blog?
Thank you very much again for this wonderful recipe and i am going to make it very soon again,

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