Hi Chantel, Yes, my starter is ready ad just finished …

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Comment on Simple Sorghum Sourdough by Dorothy Gallegos.

Hi Chantel,
Yes, my starter is ready ad just finished getting my first loaf ready for the oven. Followed your recipe to the T. This evening I will start on my second loaf and change out the buckwheat for almond flour to see how that comes out. I report back to you when I have baked both loafs.f
Merry Baker

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Simple Sorghum Sourdough
Hi Chantel,
I made my first loaf yesterday and it came out beautiful, not to mention that my family loves it. Making a second loaf today. Thank you so much for your recipes, time and effort that you that you so kindly share.

Simple Sorghum Sourdough
Hi Chantel,
Is it possible to let the dough rise for more then 6 hours?

Simple Sorghum Sourdough
My starter looks amazing on day 5. Getting close to the baking stage and can hardly wait. I was just reading the note section and you say that nut flours can be used. So my question is do i substitute almond and coconut flour for the sorghum and buckwheat (equal portions)? Have you experimented with different flours yourself? I plan on making your original recipe for our daughter that cannot have certain nuts (almond and cashews) but we are not nut free and would like to try the nut flours. Will it still come out with that beautiful crust?

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