Just tried this recipe out and wow, I never knew …

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Comment on Soft Gluten-Free Dinner Rolls by Allysa.

Just tried this recipe out and wow, I never knew gf could be this soft!
I substituted some stuff – no white rice flour so added 1/4 cup of buckwheat and brown rice each, arrowstarch for tapioca and potato starch, plant milk was my homemade-cashews,coconut shreds and oat. Totally forgot to put the sugar.
Tried to blend my sunflower seeds in my food processor so it didn’t become fine and was a lil clumpy. Tried to sieve it but that took too much time and effort so I added it in clumpy anyway. I still think they came out great, just needs a little improvement

Its not as soft as in the video and probably a bit denser (less air pockets), what could be the reason for this?

Thanks Chantal for this recipe and community! x

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Buckwheat Sourdough Loaf Gluten-Free Vegan
H Chantal, thanks for your reply! Sorry what I was meant to ask was if flaxmeal is the same as sunflower seed flour.

Buckwheat Sourdough Loaf Gluten-Free Vegan
Hi Chantal, New to GF bread baking and Im excited to try one of your sourdough recipes! I came across this one and the Wild Yeast Bread. What are their differences in the end product? texture, taste etc.

For this recipe, I dont have sunflower flour – is sunflower meal the same thing? If not what can I sub the flour with?
For the Wild Yeast Recipe, I do not have sorghum and hard to find where im at. What can be a sub?
Thank you!

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