Thanks for the reply Chantal. I used psylium powder so …

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Comment on Wild Yeast Bread (GF/V) by Karen.

Thanks for the reply Chantal. I used psylium powder so that would explain my problem wouldnt it. I’m new to making gluten free bread other than a bread maker recipe I have made quite a few times. Every bakers seems to have a different take on making gluten-free sourdough but over all I really like your relaxed way to doing it all. You leave room to play so I have decided its like a science experiment that I can chane and play with.

I have watched most of your Youtube channel and many pothers too. I’ve even taken a short GF sourdough class on line. I learned a great deal from all of them but I think you are my favorite so far. Thanks again!

Karen Also Commented

Wild Yeast Bread (GF/V)
Thanks for some grewat videos. They have given me the confidence to make some sourdough bread, which I did this weekend. I used to make bread years ago, pre-gluten sensitivity but have only had store bought or almond bread I make in a bread maker.
The biggest thing I noticed was that the psyllium/ flax seed amount seemed off. I measure 1/3 cup of each and the water amount in the recipe directions and got a mass that was far thicker thanexpected and one I could not stir and was more like a block of goo than the gel you showed in your videos. I tossed it and started again with just the psyllium. That also rendered a thick mass but it was slightly better than before so I didn’t use any flax at all.

When I put all the ingredients in the mixer the gel was so thick that it I had difficulty getting it to totally belnd in. Even after mixing for several minutes there were clumbs I had to smoosh and mix in by hand. My dough seemd really thick, far thicker than yours did so I added more water (1/2-3/4 cup) bit by bit until it looked more like yours without becoming too sticky.

I baked it in my cast iron dutch oven and got a beautiful loaf. When I cut into it the texture was smooth, had a good spring to it, and it tasted great. As I got cut the 3rd or 4th slice the bread was somewhat gummy as if it could use 5-10 more minutes baking in the dutch oven with the top on for a total of 30-35 minutes.

Overall I am pleased with the end product but am not sure I really want to make this a regular thing in my life. If I do, I need a different dutch oven as mine has feet and that makes it very hard to get in and out of a high temp oven. I can use one of my cast iron pizza pans in place of a stone. I am looking forward to making some sourdough rolls and pancakes however. And I plan to expertiment with using starter in my almond flour bread recipe that I make in the bread maker.

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