Hello: I just made your bread and I used the same …

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Comment on Yeast-Free Gluten-Free Vegan Bread by Heidi Taylor.


I just made your bread and I used the same ingredients and exact measurements. I even purchased the sugar that you used. It came out perfectly risen. I used an almost 8 inch pan x 3 but its a perfect size for sandwich bread. It turned about beautiful and perfect. I had to put the oven on 350 and place a pan cover on it and than I cooked it for 40 minutes and it came out nicely without the center being wet or the top too crunchy. Slices very nice without grumbling and not to doughy. However, it tastes a bit bitter. I asked Alexa and she said Sorghum Flour can have a bitter aftertaste and I also googled it too. I only put the 1 Tbs of Baking soda so this is not the issue and measured everything else correclty. Do you find Sorghum has a slight bitter after taste. Its not bad but you just notice a slight bitterness. I may try Oat flour with brown rice flour and white rice flour next time. I assume psyllium and arrowroot are not bitter? Thanks you if you can reply back to me.

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