Thanks Chantal, What can I do to minimise the stickiness? Also my …

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Thanks Chantal,
What can I do to minimise the stickiness?
Also my sourdough starter has a lot of clear liquid after only one day, should I pour this out or wait until day 3?

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Basic Yeasted Dough Gluten-Free Vegan
Hi Chantal,
I have made this bread while I wait for my sourdough starter. It has a lovely taste but turns out very sticky and kind of deflated a little after cooling.
I find that I have to use more water to get the consistency that you describe. Should I just stick to the 2 cups of water despite the fact the dough is quite solid? I have been using sorghum in place if the millet flour.
Thanks Tess

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How to Make Grain-Free Bread
Thanks Chantal, I think you’re right it was probably the baking powder.

How to Make Grain-Free Bread
Hi Chantal, I have been making your wild yeast bread for months I substitute sorghum for buckwheat and oat flour for seed flour and it is delicious and almost tastes like true sourdough, but I made the grain free bread today and it is so salty, I added 1/2 tablespoon of salt as per the recipe. Not sure if I did something wrong but is this bread saltier than your other recipes? Thanks Tess

Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter
Hi Chantal,
I have made my own brown rice starter and have used it successfully in a few of your recipes, which have been wonderful. I keep my starter in the fridge between baking. I decided to experiment with a more sour taste by not discarding the hooch prior to feeding for my last loaf and it worked the bread was definitely more sour. But now I want to get back to the original less sour taste. Is this possible with my current starter, by removing hooch and feeding? Or do I need start another one?
In addition after making your new wild yeast bread yesterday I forgot to feed the starter before putting it in the fridge. I thought it didn’t look quite right this morning and noticed It looked quite dense so I decided to feed it and it was very dry. I fed it and added more water to get back to the right consistency and put it back in the fridge.Have I killed it or will feeding it do the trick?
Thanks Tess

Sorghum Sourdough Starter
Hi can I use honey instead of maple syrup? I don’t have access to maple syrup or organic grapes at the moment.
I do have regular grapes though.

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