The Retreat Café at Strathmere in Ottawa

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A must-stop for relaxation, field to plate food with allergen-friendly options

Restaurant review by Chantal Secours from Fresh is Real.
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Photos by Kristy Chapman.
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The Retreat Café at Strathmere in Ottawa - Restaurant Review by Chantal Secours at Fresh is Real

Do you appreciate good food, fresh ingredients and eating in a relaxing and friendly environment? Take a scenic drive out to The Retreat Café at Strathmere in Ottawa, bring a special friend, and enjoy your stay! It’s only 15 minutes away from Barrhaven and Manotick—with plenty of free parking!

The Retreat Café at Strathmere in Ottawa - Restaurant Review by Chantal Secours at Fresh is Real

A Wonderful Place

The Café is the kind of restaurant that you’ll want to reserve a few hours for. Upon your arrival, the pace of life automatically slows down. It’s honestly my favourite spot to catch up with one or a few people. I would have no problems going solo. It’s a wonderful place to get your creative juices flowing and to recharge your soul.

Allergies or special diet

If you’re worried about your dietary preferences, Executive Chef Angelo Camposarcone works hard to offer a range of creative and nutritious meals. They can happily modify a dish if you have allergies or food sensitivities. In which case, it’s always recommended to call ahead to mention your allergies or special diet. It’s also good to let your server know before you order. 

The Retreat Café at Strathmere in Ottawa - Restaurant Review by Chantal Secours at Fresh is Real

What I ate

On this visit, I enjoyed their Superfood Salad, and my friend tried the Organic Beef Burger.

Because of my food sensitivities, I often eat salads at restaurants. The Café at Strathmere always makes sure to add their own touch to every meal making them both delicious and beautiful!

Field to Plate

I need to highlight the fact that Strathmere grows a lot of the flowers, fruits and vegetables they incorporate into each dish. Being a field to plate establishment sets them apart, giving them a special connection with their own farm grown produce.

The Retreat Café at Strathmere in Ottawa - Restaurant Review by Chantal Secours at Fresh is Real

Scratch Kitchen

Chef Angelo is very passionate about knowing where the food they serve comes from. Being so familiar with each ingredient makes customizing recipes for special diets and allergies so much easier.

Chantal Secours from Fresh is Real talks with Executive Chef Angelo Camposarcone

Allergy Aware

The kitchen at the Café always takes necessary precautions when preparing and serving a meal for someone with allergies. Just remember, no restaurant knows you personally, you must be clear with your own allergies or dietary preferences.

The Retreat Café at Strathmere in Ottawa - Restaurant Review by Chantal Secours at Fresh is Real


As soon as you walk in, The Café displays an assortment of treats. Some are vegan (free of egg and dairy) some are gluten-free, but they are not necessarily labelled with specific allergens. The staff is knowledgeable about each dessert, but if you have severe allergies to certain ingredients like nuts or peanuts, I would recommend skipping them to be on the safer side.

Spectacular Views

The restaurant is smaller, but they also have extra outdoor tables, that are perfect on a beautiful day, with spectacular views. From the patio area, guests will surely spot the fire pit with red chairs. It’s also a great area to unwind and to spend extra time with friends. You can even go for an adventure walk on the nearby trails.

The Retreat Café at Strathmere in Ottawa - Restaurant Review by Chantal Secours at Fresh is Real

Spa Services and a Yoga Studio

The restaurant which is also part of the Retreat offers spa services and a yoga studio. If you want to make it a full day, give them a call to reserve or visit their website to help you plan out your special day.

Events at Strathmere

Strathmere hosts many events throughout the seasons, my favourite so far is the Annual Harvest Supper. Weather permitting they set up their long tables outdoors in the gardens with holiday string lights to keep your perfect evening illuminated.

Events at Strathmere in Ottawa, Ontario - Annual Harvest Supper with Chantal Secours

The food served in 2018 was magical, the presentation rustic, and the flavours of each dish was spot on. Gather a few friends and buy your tickets soon as they sell out fast. For larger groups, give them a call and mention your dietary preferences when booking. Last year, they were happy to accommodate my gluten-free, vegan request.

Additional Venues

Planning an event or a wedding? Strathmere is an award-winning destination with 3 additional venues on site. Chef Angelo reassures me that every party, large or small, gets the same kind of special culinary attention. Please, inform the organizers of your specific dietary needs.


The Café at Strathmere is located at 1980 Phelan Road West, North Gower, Ontario  K0A 2T0 

For The Café’s full menu or for more information on upcoming events or booking a venue visit

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