The Best Gluten-Free Vegan Gravy

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Make this mushroom gravy for your next family dinner! It’s The Best Gluten-Free Vegan Gravy! It’s allergen-friendly—ideal for many dietary restrictions.

The Best Gluten-Free Vegan Gravy recipe (+ video) is a regular go-to family favourite! As soon as you try it, you will understand why!

There are many ways to enjoy this oh so comforting gravy! For example, it’s amazing with shepherd’s pie, oven-baked fries, stir-fries, roasted veggies, baked potatoes, steamed rice—the possibilities are endless! Don’t be surprised if you get caught licking your plate—it’s just that good!

Trash the Gravy Packets!

When is the last time you read the ingredients on store-bought gravy mix packets? Some might be gluten-free or even vegan but they are most certainly not the best for you!

Be mindful of the packaged gravy packets you use to make meals. In a pinch maybe but to consume them all the time… I’ll keep this short—trash the gravy mix packets!

Ultimately, taking the time to make beautiful homemade gravy with ingredients you recognize is so much better!

Make this mushroom gravy for your next family dinner! It’s The Best Gluten-Free Vegan Gravy! It’s allergen-friendly—ideal for many dietary restrictions.

Why This Recipe

It’s very simple, this gravy was whipped up as soon as I realized that I wanted to fuel my body with the best ingredients possible!

While transitioning to a mostly plant-based diet, it’s easy to fall into a rut of always preparing the same dishes over and over again.

The Best Gluten-Free Vegan Gravy comes in very handy when trying to jazz up meals that need extra pizzaz.

Top 8 Free

The ingredients in The Best Gluten-Free Vegan Gravy recipe should be good for most! It’s top 8 free which means it does not contain any of the top allergens.

This will be the gravy you will want to make for your next family gathering. Cooking for guests that follow strict diets or that have food allergies can be very challenging and stressful.

Make this mushroom gravy for your next family dinner! It’s The Best Gluten-Free Vegan Gravy! It’s allergen-friendly—ideal for many dietary restrictions.


I’ve organized this recipe with must-have ingredients with a few more that are optional but do make this sauce The Best Gluten-Free Vegan Gravy!

The gravy does include Tamari which is gluten-free but soy-based. If you can’t consume soy you can replace it with Coconut Aminos or leave it out. If you don’t avoid soy or gluten, you can use regular soy sauce.

Nutritional yeast is also included in this recipe but if you don’t have any, don’t worry just omit this ingredient. The addition of 1 tablespoon of hemp seeds or sunflower seeds could be a wonderful alternative. Cashews are great too if you don’t have a nut allergy.

Most importantly, this gravy is prepared with ingredients you probably have on hand. See the recipe card for a list of all the ingredients. Watch the helpful how-to video to help you make this gravy.



To make this gravy recipe you will need:

  • Kitchen knife or paring knife
  • Cutting board
  • Large saucepot
  • Measuring spoons (or just eyeball it 😉 )
  • Large spoon or spatula
  • High-speed blender or immersion blender
  • Glass jar or storage container

Make this mushroom gravy for your next family dinner! It’s The Best Gluten-Free Vegan Gravy! It’s allergen-friendly—ideal for many dietary restrictions.

Previous Recipe

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Share Your Creations

Did you try The Best Gluten-Free Vegan Gravy yet? And? What did you think? Did you tweak any of the ingredients?

Share a picture of the meal you like to enjoy the gravy with! Tag @freshisreal_ #freshisreal on Instagram.

Leave a comment below and rate the recipe if you made this gravy. Others need to know just how good it is!

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Make this mushroom gravy for your next family dinner! It’s The Best Gluten-Free Vegan Gravy! It’s allergen-friendly—ideal for many dietary restrictions.

The Best Gluten-Free Vegan Gravy

  • Author: Chantal | Fresh is Real
  • Prep Time: 15 mins
  • Cook Time: 15 mins
  • Total Time: 30 mins
  • Yield: 2 cups 1x
  • Category: Sauces
  • Method: Stovetop
  • Cuisine: Gluten-Free, Vegan, Plant-Based, Allergen-Friendly, Kid-Approved
  • Diet: Gluten Free


Make a double batch of this gravy! When you need to jazz up a meal, it will become your go-to sauce for everything!

Poutine lover? Bake up some homemade fries, add some cheese and drizzle some of this gravy goodness right on top! You can thank me later!



Base ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup white onions, roughly chopped
  • 1 generous cup mushrooms, roughly chopped
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil (or coconut oil)
  • 1/41/2 teaspoon fresh thyme (23 sprigs, remove large stem)
  • 1 cup vegetable broth
  • 2 tablespoons tomato paste*
  • 1 tablespoon Tamari (or Coconut Aminos)
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground pepper
  • 1 tablespoon arrowroot starch (or oat flour, potato or tapioca starch)

Nice to add ingredients:
Add one or a little bit of all the add-ins to create the most perfect gravy.

  • 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast (or hemp or sunflower seeds)
  • 1/4 teaspoon fresh organic ginger, finely grated
  • 1/4 teaspoon fresh organic turmeric, finely grated
  • 1 small carrot, grated (about 1/3 cup)
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 fresh garlic bulb, crushed
  • 1/41/2 teaspoon curry powder (start with less, taste and adjust)
  • 1/41/2 teaspoon Garam Masala (start with less, taste and adjust)
  • 1/2 cup coconut cream (thicker part of canned coconut milk)
  • 1/8 teaspoon red pepper flakes (to add spice)


Before you begin, please watch the helpful how-to video to help you make this gravy!

  1. In a saucepot, on medium to low heat, add olive oil, onions, garlic, mushrooms, carrot, thyme, grated ginger/turmeric (optional) and cook for 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. Add the broth, tomato paste, nutritional yeast, Tamari, and seasoning (spices, salt, pepper).
  3. Bring to a boil then reduce heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes. If you want to add some coconut cream, now is a perfect time to add it, stir and let it simmer with the rest of the ingredients.
  4. While things are simmering, add 1 tablespoon of arrowroot flour to a small bowl and mix with a little water or broth from the simmering pot, and add it to the pot or the blender container.
  5. Transfer everything to a high-speed blender, smaller blender or blend with an immersion blender and purée until smooth and return to saucepot.
  6. Enjoy right away, or keep warm until ready to eat.


* Substitute with 2 tablespoons of either bbq sauce, ketchup, passata or tomato sauce. Make sure the substitute meets your dietary needs. I’ve even added a large fresh tomato and it’s equally amazing!

If you like your gravy saltier or with more pepper please season the sauce accordingly. 

Store leftovers in a glass jar in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.

Tip: Are you feeding more than 4 people? Consider prepping a double batch!

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  2. Made this last weekend to pair with the lentil nut vegan loaf, and it was wonderful! I didn t have any dried mushrooms so I used fresh, and although I did love it, I want to try it with the dried next time because I feel like that would have even more depth of flavor. I have some russets on their way to my house now with my produce delivery, and I cannot wait to try this gravy tomorrow on mashed potatoes. I m probably a little too excited, to be honest. Will definitely make this again.

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    • Thank you Emma, for trying this gravy! I’m so happy you enjoyed it! You can definitely use both fresh and dry mushrooms, it will make the flavour even better! When you try it let me know if you like it better! Thank you for sharing your feedback!

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  3. Just made this gravy. OMG!! It is sooo delicious! I could eat it like a soup👍👍👍

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